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About Me



My name is Elissa Helfrey


I knew the moment I woke up from the life-saving emergency surgery in 2013 that my life had forever changed. Although I would not understand what really had happened for a few years, the trajectory of my life had been altered. The abilities I was running from as a child had awoken again. 


Raised in a dysfunctional home, my empathic abilities made it difficult to survive. I turned to alcohol at 12 years old to numb the overwhelming pain I was experiencing, which led to many years of alcohol and drug abuse. As a child of the ’70s and ’80s, there was little information about intuitive abilities and energy, let alone acceptance of those with these abilities. The only choices I could see were too numb or end my life, and Spirit intervened in the latter. 


I was able to sober up in 2005 but had developed severe fibromyalgia. I turned to western medicine for help and was overprescribed for many years. It wasn’t until this near-death experience that it became clear there had to be another way. As I slowly removed many of the medications I had been on, my clarity returned. I was led to a masseuse who, an intuitive himself, was able to shed light on what was happening. This was the beginning of my new journey. I began to explore my intuition, the metaphysical, and energy. 


As I began trusting myself, I allowed Spirit to lead, taking me to places and meeting people who would change and enrich my life.  I began experimenting with energy work, crystals, and metaphysical concepts. I jumped feet first into these classes!


I never dreamed I would be able to take the hard lessons of my life, and natural intuitive abilities, to be able to use that and help people find their truth. I have done readings for clients all over the world and my messages of self-love and the Divine self, ring throughout every reading.

I am currently working on a coaching program and classes to help those who are seekers find their way through this exciting but confusing world we live in.  As more people in the world wake up to the truth that they have Divinity within themselves, they too begin this journey. I hope to be a guide on this journey, and meet you where you are. If you would like to learn more and be added to my email list, please subscribe below.

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Hell yes, I want to work with her!

"Elissa is Wonderful. I met with her about a month ago with concerns about the choices and life changes I was making. Elissa brought through information that validated the paths I chose and provided useful dates and energies to keep in my awareness as I rode the roller coaster that change can be. I am now in a space that provides more freedom and supportive energies for me to express my creativity and focus on my souls passions. I was wobbling with insecurity and Elissa provided the Love and supportive information I needed to keep the faith and trust Spirit. Thanks again Elissa!!"

Garrett Johnsrud

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