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The messy part of your story, is probably the part God will use the most to reach others.

We all have those moments. The moments of shame, regret, and self-hatred. There is that moment in your head, the one that always makes you cringe the moment you think about it. Yes!!! That one right there!

That’s the one. What if that happened to you BECAUSE that moment would help many many others?

It seems that a lot of us on the spiritual path have been born into difficult situations (that's a whole other blog!) And have endured many hardships throughout our lives. I myself played the victim most of my life. It was always someone else’s fault or “why is this happening to me!” I could tell you in order what had happened TO me in my life. I never took any responsibility for my actions in regards to consequences. So I sat in that energy, “woe is me”, and wondered why it kept happening.

When I started searching, looking for a way out of the misery that was my life, I was forced to re-visit these moments. When I was able to see those moments with a compassionate heart they looked different. I no longer felt the sting of shame and guilt in my stomach when the memories would rise up into my consciousness. I felt empathy. For myself! The feeling was so foreign to me, it took me a while to define it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s taken me a while to get here. I fought and fought to accept the circumstances, the past that put me in THOSE situations. I realized that my soul signed up for this ride. Not necessarily the terrible things that have been done to me, but the lessons I came here in this lifetime to learn. I started to see that I could use my power for good and not evil. When I started treating myself with empathy the whole world started to open up to me. The pain of my past stopped stinging and actually empowered me.

As more and more people came into my life with issues I was familiar with, that I had conquered, I started to connect the dots. I went through that so that I could A. Support others and B. Help them navigate. Is there something that happened in your past that presented itself so that you could use it to help others? We are all here to learn from each other. Each of us is “God experiencing itself.” Each of us is an expression of the divine, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Every single being on this planet has value somewhere, and it’s always more than you (or even they) can imagine.

Sometimes we need help working through these moments. We get stuck in the rut of our “default thinking” and can’t seem to climb out no matter how badly we want to. Sometimes it takes someone walking through a situation with us to point out the things we can’t see. The hidden gems in the mess that we can’t see because we are too close.

I have walked through my own and helped others walk through theirs. My “Heart, Balance and Clarity” coaching session may be perfect for you to start your journey of self-acceptance, and find joy in the life you were created for.

Book today and start on the road to self-acceptance and find your own power!

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